What I’ve learned

by thecustomhouse

… from reading the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales to my students:

1) No one lives happily ever after.  At best, they live happily for the rest of their days, but most often, they live happily for many years.  The endings of the tales depict a fate within human reach, and honestly, I prefer it.
2) As long as you have friends, you will be okay.
3) If you treat people who help you well, you will have friends (see #2).
4) If you don’t have friends, you will die a horrible death.
5) If you don’t treat people who help you well, you won’t have friends (see #4).
6) Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
7) Lock your doors.
8) Nothing is as it seems.
9) Destiny is malleable.
10) The smart ones win (see #9).