What I’ve Learned From the Wizard of Oz

by thecustomhouse

1) Know what you’re after.
2) Find a road.
3) Wear durable shoes.
4) Choose friends who do not have the same flaws as you do.
5) We’re all missing something (see 4).
6) We become what we value most (the tin woodman has the biggest heart, the scarecrow has the largest brain, the lion has the most courage, and Dorothy is the thread that binds long before they reach Oz) (see 1).
7) The great and powerful can only give what you already have (see 5).
8) Winged monkeys can’t fix everything.
9) To find our way home, we must have heart, brains, courage, and conviction (or friends to fill in the gaps in our character) (see 4, 5).
10) Magic helps.