What I Have Learned From Living in Phoenix

by thecustomhouse

1) Dreamboats drive black trucks.
2) Urban renewal projects are the new keggers.
3) Buying is the new renting.
4) Vegan is the new barbeque.
5) Water is the new beer.
6) Sun hats are the new bouffants.
7) Green is the new black.
8) Families are the new roomates.
9) GREs are the new SATs.
10) Supper is the new brunch.
11) Architecture is the new fashion.
12) Yoga/pilates is the new walking.
13) Graduate school is the new college.
14) Role model is the new crush.

*new to my life.  In the Wizard of Oz, Oz makes everyone wear emerald colored glasses, so that everything in the Emerald City is unified by an emerald tint.  Phoenix has given me a pair of peach-rose tinted glasses, which makes every day end at a reasonable hour and start with a cool shower. There have been noticeable adjustments.