Taliesin West

by thecustomhouse

Last weekend, I visited Taliesin West with a friend.  The campus was built by Frank Llyod Wright and a bevy of his apprentices as the winter outpost of his home and community.  He and up to 30 apprentices lived and worked there each winter (they migrated to the Wisconsin Taliesin for the rest of the year). A former Taliesin student (the apprentice program was later formalized into an accredited architecture school) led our tour and regaled us with tales of The Fellowship. First year students are given a tent and told to find shelter on the mountain.  They must work as cooks and servers for the other students until they earn a place among the builders.  Meals are eaten together and announced by bell. Every Saturday is a formal evening in.  Men wear tuxes and women wear evening gowns.  There is some sort of entertainment put on, either dance, song, dramatics.  It sounds like a wonderful family affair.  Once you are accepted, you stay as long as you want.

I wish I was an architect.