Ask A Grown Man: Judd Apatawo

by thecustomhouse

I love Judd Apatow’s shows, Freaks & Geeks and Girls especially.  He has two daughters, so perhaps that’s why the advice he gives seems so sincere and well meant.  Here’s a photo of his gorgeous family (and Paul Rudd) used as a promo for Knocked-Up.

“You should never change yourself, under any circumstances, because, you know what,  you’ll always be you, but you’ll be you actin’ crazy, trying to act like someone else…In terms of lowering standards, here’s what I’ve learned in my life: raise the standards!  Cool people will like you for who you are. So, always raise the standards.  The biggest lesson I ever learned is that I’m supposed to like them.  It’s not just about finding people who like me.”