What I Learned From Peter Pan

by thecustomhouse

1) Leaders don’t look back, so keep up.
2) To remain a child, you must remain heartless and free.
3) We cease to be children, when we begin to care about other people (see 2).
4) The only truly lost boys are those who refuse to acknowledge the homes they create (see 3).
5) We play at what we hold most dear.
6) Pretend dinner isn’t as good as real dinner.
7) The cock’s crow means trouble.
8) Side with the Indians.
9) Children forget (see 2).
10) Grown-ups don’t (see 3).
11) Time will stalk us as surely as death.
12) Only one escapes (see 2,3,11).
13) Once you hope for something, you immediately fear its loss.
14) Mrs. Darling is the bravest one of all (see 13).
15) Leave your windows open.