On Women in Comedy

by thecustomhouse

Q. There is the Apatow dude posse of films. Do you feel like you’re part of a lady comedy crew with people like Amy, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig?

A. I will definitely let you say that I’m a part of that comedy crew. Amy’s one of my closest friends. For her it’s important that our relationship on the show reflects the positive, supportive arc that women have for each other. We don’t have conversations about women in film and television and what that means because, honestly, you talk about dynamics and people and the things that interest us, and that probably translates into the things that we write. I think there’s just an inherent burden of being alive and being a woman. No man would ever admit that, but I think women know it, which is: You know more than men, you know more than most people you’re dealing with every day, and you know that’s it up to you to make things move forward, and you get paid half as much, but you just do it. But it works out, because if you can figure out how to harness that femininity — there’s something we have that’s so mysterious to men — that if you can figure out how to use that, you’re good to go.

-Rashinda Jones